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The DeAndre Lorenzo White Memorial Foundation (a.k.a. Dre Nation) is managed by The New Macedonia Baptist Church, a 501(c)(3) non‐profit organization committed to honoring the life of DeAndre Lorenzo White.  The foundation was established in April 2011 as a lasting legacy to his steadfast belief in giving back to others. Our dual mission is to provide deserving high school seniors within our community financial assistance towards their collegiate endeavors, while raising awareness on the incredible need for organ, eye and tissue donors. Please join us in celebrating DeAndre's outstanding life that has inspired so many. 


Good things happen when people come together for a common cause!  Stay tuned for more information on events and activities in the weeks ahead. 

The Cause


DeAndre was a living example of the value of giving back to others.  At the young age of 17, he made the decision to be an organ donor and shared his decision with his family.  He also registered to be an organ donor when receiving his driver's license, making his wishes very clear.  This decision soon after saved six lives.  What DeAndre did was not an extraordinary act for him, but rather a natural extension of how he lived his life every day. His life provides hope that increasingly more of us can learn to live in ways that uplift ourselves and improve our community.

He continues to bless six others with the gift of life.  The recipient of DeAndre’s heart is a 17 year old male.  His lungs were gifted to a 58 year old woman.  DeAndre’s liver was able to help two individuals.  A 57 year old received his left lobe.  The right lobe of DeAndre’s liver was gifted to a 2 year old boy.  The recipient of his pancreas and left kidney was a 43 year old male.  DeAndre's right kidney was gifted to a 13 year old boy.  The family remains connected to the recipient family, and he is doing very well.

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